November 05, 2011

Songs of Life

Way back in the distant past of this blog (and probably before most people knew what a blog was), I embarked on a project to write about a song each day for the entire month of December. It was inspired by Nick Hornby's book 31 Songs, and you can still read through the posts over in the 31 Songs section of the archive.

I really enjoyed it, though in hindsight picking the month that also contained the busy-ness that is Christmas was a rather stupid idea. Another problem with it was how to share the music itself. I skirted over into illegality by including mp3s of each song so that people could have a listen, but then took them down a month or so after the project finished because that wasn't really what it was about.

These days, I'd have included a Spotify playlist, or embedded YouTube videos, and this morning I've been playing around with something that makes it even easier to share how songs litter your memory. You don't even need a blog.

Lifetuned is a lovely website, that makes it easy to look through YouTube and explain what memories are triggered by the songs you choose. If you head to you can see my musical memory box, and as it doesn't (yet?) have a way to easily embed my songs into the blog, I'm going to do this kludgy iframe option (so it not looking perfect will be my fault, not Lifetuned's :-)


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