October 21, 2003

The Backlash Begins

I am not alone! For ages now, it has seemed that I'm the only person in the entire universe who hadn't found dough-nirvana after buying a bread machine. Mark Pilgrim has had a similar complete lack of success with his bread machine.

I mean, I consider myself a relatively decent cook, and my cakes are lauded throughout the land (well, people seem to like them), but so far I've only been able to use the bread machine to make the house smell nice and feed the birds. Not exactly what I envisioned when I bought it. My only solace has been that the manual says that bread-making (in a bread machine) isn't like cooking - it's a science, where the ingredients must be measured carefully. And I see myself as more of an artist when it comes to cooking, past the stage where I need to measure everything precisely.

Maybe I'll blow the dust off, and give it another go.

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