December 15, 2003

Cake - I Will Survive

I'm developing quite a liking for cover versions. It used to be that whichever version of a song I heard first, that'd be the one "proper" version and the only one that I could abide. But no more.

The first step to covers' rehabilitation was discovering their use in finding more music. When Deacon Blue did their Burt Bacharach covers, that led me into a wealth of easy listening; the Echo and the Bunnymen's cover of People Are Strange on the Lost Boys Soundtrack showed me the Doors... Maybe some good will come of all this Pop Idol stuff if it encourages people to investigate who did the original versions of all their songs ;-)

Now I relish hearing other peoples takes on songs, especially if there's a clash of genres, the Trash Can Sinatras' To Sir, With Love, for example, Lauren Hill's superb version of Can't Take My Eyes Off You, or McAlmont & Butler doing Take That's Back For Good. My favourite of the genre is Cake's I Will Survive - guitar-based indie meets disco classic and doesn't result in an abomination. It could be argued that the fusion of two of the dominant genres in my musical tastes make this the perfect song for me, but it isn't. Damn good fun though.

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