December 03, 2003

Electronic - Getting Away With It

"I've been walking in the rain, just to get wet on purpose"

What a superb line. Look, don't argue, it just is. And it often pushes its way to the front of my brain and demands that I play it in my head. I think that's why Getting Away With It won out over Electronic's other nomination Get The Message.

Lyrics. Of utmost importance if you're compelled to sing along to everything you listen to, which I am. There are hardly any instrumentals in my music collection as a result - it's much harder to impersonate instruments, which is my fallback position if there aren't any words. If I was ever in a band I'd find it difficult to refrain from singing along with the guitar solos! Give me a line, and I can usually carry on afterwards. Of course, I don't know all the words to all songs, but if the song is playing at the same time you can generally improvise for bits you're not sure of until you get back to part that you know, and no-one is ever the wiser. Trust me...

"I've been getting away with it... all my life"
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