December 13, 2003

Kingsmen - Louie Louie

I arrived at today without having decided what song I to choose. I've decided on the songs for all the other days in the project, but was having difficulty over the thirty-first song. It didn't seem to be through lack of choice, there are another fifty-one candidates in the didn't-quite-make-the-final-cut folder, but none of them was making a strong enough case for inclusion.

Then, whilst listening to the radio, they played a cover of Louie Louie, arguably one of the greatest songs not in my possession. That's the song.

Luckily, in this age of the Internet, sampling new music is easier than ever. A quick search on Soulseek netted a wide variety of covers of the song, but my favourite is still the one that everyone knows, and the one chosen here, by the Kingsmen.

So the oversight in my collection is on its way to being corrected. Music is only part of my collection when I either own a CD containing it, or a legal MP3 of it. The peer-to-peer networks have been a great boon to my music listening, but have also cost me a fair bit. They are an excellent way to find out more about an artist, to try before you buy, particularly when they have an extensive back catalogue. They don't always make the grade, but more often than not, gaining some knowledge of which songs are my favourites gives me enough information to make a choice when buying the first CD. Over the past year, I reckon about a quarter of the albums I've bought (roughly fifteen of sixty) have been directly because I'd downloaded some of the tracks beforehand.

Louie Louie has got this far before; made it to the listening area, but not tipped over the edge into being purchased. I think this is the final push it needed, now I just have to find it on CD somewhere...

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Comments lists 352 versions.

101 of these recorded by the Kingsmen.


Posted by: cars5.gif at December 14, 2003 07:22 PM

And through the joys of the internet, I've heard quite a lot of them.

Thanks for the link, it gave me a list of potential albums to look for when I popped into Fopp yesterday lunchtime, so now I'm a fiver poorer, but have the Quadrophenia soundtrack, containing one "Louie Louie" by the Kingsmen.

I almost bought the Beach Boys version of it too, 'cos I've become quite partial to that after downloading it, but a tenner was a bit much just for one track. Maybe sometime in the future...

Posted by: Adrian at December 16, 2003 11:31 AM
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