December 26, 2003

Stevie Wonder - Fingertips (Part 2)

Fingertips (Part 2). Part 2. I wonder if there's a Part 1, and what it sounds like? Obviously, whoever compiled the Tamla Motown Gold collection decided that Part 2 was the better. Not that we compilers are always right, for whoever chose the selection for Stevie Wonder (Song Review - A Greatest Hits Collection) didn't find either part worthy of inclusion! And they could have fitted it in so easily; just by dropping the terribly dated I Just Called To Say I Love You.

I suppose, given that it's his only number one in the UK, that there are a lot of people who liked I Just Called... and who would have been surprised at its omission. More's the pity. I mean, it just doesn't bear comparison with the rest of the greatest hits - Superstition, Living For The City, He's Misstra Know It All, Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday...

Fingertips (Part 2) would be a much better accompaniment for such classics. It just goes to show that popularity isn't always synonymous with greatness.

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