December 24, 2003

The Spinners - Liverpool Lullaby

It's Christmas Eve, and what with all the frantic last-minute present buying, and the anticipation of Christmas morn, everyone is a little stressed and excited. So to help you to sleep, so you're not awake when Santa comes, is this soothing Liverpool Lullaby by The Spinners.

This must be the most quoted song in our family, although until recently I only knew the first verse. I wasn't even aware that it constituted a song, I just thought it was an old local rhyme

"Oh you are a mucky kid,
Dirty as a dustbin lid,
When he hears the things you did,
You'll get a belt from your Da'"

Usually just the first line or two, we weren't particularly naughty children, and often with the wetted corner of handkerchief to clean the chocolate or ice cream from our hands and faces. I expect this'll be a tradition that'll run in the family.

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