December 21, 2003

U2 - Angel Of Harlem

Angel Of Harlem was my first consciously-chosen favourite song. There's no obvious reason as to why this is, other than it being a great song; I haven't any fondly remembered situation where I first heard it, nor any little anecdote where it was playing in the background.

It even harks from before I really liked U2. And I think that may be why. I didn't own a copy of it. I really enjoyed the song, but couldn't justify buying an entire album just for one track - there was always something else competing for my pocket money, always something which gave a better musical return for my cash.

So the value of Angel Of Harlem was raised by its rarity. I had to rely on radio stations, or finding it on jukeboxes, to get my fix. Until the arrival of U2's greatest hits in my collection, where I can now listen to it whenever I want. It was worth the wait.

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