December 29, 2013

Owning, Not Renting, Your Online Home

Over on his journal (I think he's right that journal is a better term than blog but rather like the Internet of Things I think it's far too late to worry about names now), Jeremy Keith has written a great roundup and explanation of why I continue to pour most of my online contributions here, why I don't really use Facebook or Google+, and why you should care about this too.

It's the movements like Indie Web and Redecentralize that make me optimistic for a better future for the web. I'm aiming to add my weight to those movements by helping push for similar values in the Internet of Things.

[Jeremy also has an interesting new system for commenting, called Webmentions. His explanatory journal entry mentions that it's similar to Pingback, but it's been too long since I looked at the intricacies of that to understand why/how they differ. Maybe when he sees my webmention here he'll elaborate on it :-) (That's assuming his code can cope with two webmentions in one blog post, which I suspect it will, but might be new testing for it...*grin*)]

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