April 20, 2010

Leaders Debate Party in Liverpool on Thursday

Inspired by Britain's adaptation of American-style debates, my friend Deena DeNaro is organizing American-style debate watching parties at local pubs in Liverpool and challenging people in other cities to do the same. The first one will be this Thursday (22nd April) at Hannah's Bar on Leece Street.

Doors are 6:30pm. The debate itself starts at 8pm, but turn up earlier to get yourself some food and catch the build-up...

  • Bubblino will be there, watching for the leaders debate hashtag, and I'll briefly introduce him (in case anyone hasn't met him yet... ;-)
  • The guys from My Vote will be launching their new topical iPhone app
  • And maybe some more (I think there's still room if anyone has anything appropriate to talk about)

Debate will be on Sky from 8-9.30 pm followed by moderated responses from the audience.

Join us in Liverpool’s original New York bar for burgers, beer and democratic dialoging. We are still looking for a venue for the 29 April debate. To RSVP - use Plancast. The Plan is here: http://plancast.com/a/2qmu


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