March 27, 2007

A New Bathroom Suite For Under Fifty Quid

We had a successful trip to Milton Tip yesterday, dropping off a collection of broken video recorders and an assortment of other junk from round the house.

That isn't worth blogging about, but I thought I'd mention what we brought back.

We're soon to redecorate the bathroom and will be replacing the bath, basin, etc. Even the most basic bathroom suites will set you back a couple of hundred pounds, so we were pleased to pick up a sink (including some nice taps), pedestal and toilet cistern for just £20.

If you add a bath and toilet pan to that (we didn't have space in the car for the bath, and they didn't have the exact style of toilet we're looking for there - we'll try again in a few weeks) I reckon you could have the whole set for not much over 30 quid. A bargain, and much better for our green credentials.

If anyone wants a caramel-coloured suite, there'll be one there in a month or so...

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Glad you liked our tip! ;)

You could try Emmaus at Landbeach too. You leave all your old junk with them, and they clean it up and sell it on. You can pick up some good stuff there (even electricals), and it's all for charidee.

Posted by: Jon at March 28, 2007 08:14 AM

That's no good, I'm looking to get rid of things, rather than acquire more ;-)

I have been thinking of getting in touch with Emmaus to see if they want a couple of bits of furniture (a metal computer desk and some bunk beds), but haven't yet been out to their shop.

Posted by: Adrian at March 28, 2007 10:01 AM

They'll definitely take those -- we haven't found anything yet that they won't take! I'm guessing you'll want them to come round in their van to pick up the big stuff. I gather there's a bit of a wait for that service.

Posted by: Jon at March 29, 2007 08:09 AM
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