June 22, 2003

Tim Bray on text search

Tim Bray has started a series of articles about text search, and how it works. Cool. Always been curious about the algorithms behind searching.

And now he's created a Table of Contents himself, which means I don't really have to maintain the list myself...

On Search:

  1. ongoing On Search: Backgrounder

  2. ongoing On Search: The Users

  3. ongoing On Search: Basic Basics

  4. ongoing On Search: Precision and Recall

  5. ongoing On Search: Intelligence

  6. ongoing On Search: Squirmy Words

  7. ongoing On Search: UI Archeology

  8. ongoing On Search: Stopwords

  9. ongoing On Search: Metadata

  10. ongoing On Search: I18n

  11. ongoing On Search: Result Ranking

  12. ongoing On Search: Interfaces

  13. ongoing On Search: XML

  14. ongoing On Search: Robots

  15. ongoing Turn On Search

And related to this, the BBC report surfers impatient with search engines, and give some stats from some recent research which backup Tim's "people only look at one page of results" observations.

Plus, Tim also points us to John Battelle's searchblog.

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