October 03, 2009

The Active Learning Lab

For a while now I've kept catching glimpses of a strangely coloured building lit up near the university when travelling to or from home when it's dark. It's not really on any of my usual routes around the city, so I'd never quite worked out where it was or what the building was. Tonight I went for a wander to track it down and capture some pictures of it to share.

The Active Learning Laboratory at night

It turns out it's the Active Learning Laboratory, part of the Engineering Department at the University of Liverpool. It's on Brownlow Hill, just behind the Metropolitan Cathedral and next-door to the very different but similarly splendid Victoria Building.

It wasn't the best night to try filming things, it's very windy - particularly up on the top of the crypt at the cathedral - and bit chilly. Of course, once I'd found a decent vantage point, it had finished the more impressive part of the colour cycling sequence, which is why this video is so long. Skip to about eight minutes in to get to some of the prettier colour changes.

It's hard to convey with the video, especially as it's just recorded on my N95, but the colours are really vibrant in the flesh and it must be three or four storeys of lighting - almost floating a couple of storeys off the ground. You can get a better idea of the scale from this video, taken from a little way down the hill. The cathedral is just off camera to the right, and the clock tower illuminated in the background is on Victoria Building.

This video also captures the most interesting colour changes that I saw, with the colours in vertical bands flowing round the building and merging into each other.

There's surprisingly little information about it on the university's own website, but I did find this article about the opening from the Liverpool Daily Post and here's another article with technical details about the LED lighting and a video showing off its capabilities.


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