August 17, 2004

New Neighbours

There's a lot of construction going on near my house at the moment and some demolition too, although not on the same scale as some of the recent developments in Cambridge. The local pair of collared doves have decided to move into my garden. It's a good area - cats are discouraged, and there's a good selection of eateries: windfall apples and plums at the minute; and regular deliveries of seeds and bread.

Their initial choice of location was the small apple tree about 8 metres from my patio door and "the office", so I'd have had a great view of proceedings. However, access wasn't ideal - particularly the emergency exit - and they'd have been spooked every time I stepped out into the garden; so they've spent this morning literally moving home to the sycamore at the bottom of the garden. Regular trips to dismantle the part-built nest in the apple tree and transfer it to the new, more secluded if a little windswept, location.

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I guess it's a little early to invite them round for coffee one evening?

Posted by: Andrew at August 17, 2004 01:49 PM
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