April 26, 2003

Silly house prices

I know, articles about how much houses are now are everywhere these days, this is more of a comment about the price of my house.

I don't usually bother about house prices too much, I mean, at present I'm only likely to be looking to buy a bigger house in the future (not that that'll be anytime soon) and they'll have gone up by even more than my house has, so there's little value in having my house's value go up, but two of my neighbours houses are up for sale at the minute (and no, I haven't had any loud parties recently :-p) so I was just curious about what they're up for.

One of the semis across the road (3-bed, no garage, not sure whether it's much different in size to mine) is going for 175,000, and next-door (mid-terrace rather then my end-terrace, no garage, but 4 bedrooms actually) is going for 178,000. So I reckon mine should be worth about the same, which is well over a 50% rise in under three years. I'm so glad I'm not trying to find a 150k+ mortgage to buy one...

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