January 06, 2004

Post Christmas Stroll

It is said that if you can't see the top of Clougha, it's going to rain. And if you can see the top of Clougha... then it's already raining.

Neil and I decided not to travel too far for our Christmas ramble, seeing as the days aren't too long at this time of year, so Clougha, just inland from Lancaster, near Abbeystead seemed like a good choice.

The weather was lovely in Rainford when we left, on the morning of Saturday 27th December, but nowhere near as nice when we got up to the car park by Clougha. It wasn't raining, but, well, we couldn't see the top of Clougha as it was in the clouds.

Still, we were prepared for inclement weather, so it didn't overly affect our walk, even when it was snowing and hailing on the top... It was good to get out on a hill, work off a few of those Christmas calories, with the added bonus of catching up with my old haunts from my Uni days (I did get the Fiesta stuck in a snowdrift whilst trying to get up Clougha once...).

The main disappointment was the lack of visibility, it would've been nicer to have had a proper view over Lancaster, the Lune estuary and Morecambe bay but the photos show that that wasn't going to happen.

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