January 07, 2004

New Year's Eve Celebrations

Well, there are less photos of people's backs in the photos of the latest karaoke event. And we managed to persuade a few previous karaoke-averse attendees to partake and enjoy things so much that they felt they should (unnecessarily) apologise for hogging things :-)

The karaoke came in handy at midnight too, 'cos we could just call up Auld Lang Syne to get the words and some accompaniment. It seemed to be running a bit faster than we could manage en masse, and by the third verse our enthusiasm was beginning to wane...

I might have to stop joking about "there's always space for a tent in the back garden" when people want to stay over, though. Otherwise I might have to do more tent pitching at 5am when insane partygoers insist that they do want to forgo a (very comfortable) sofa-bed for a night under canvas in the cold, rain and wind. I must admit, I quite liked the challenge of pitching it in the dark :-)

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Oh My God!!! Must you display all the photographs that you take?? I am not amused.

Posted by: Leila at January 8, 2004 11:05 PM
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